LeRoy Bayerl grew up on a dairy farm just 25 miles from where he and his wife Jane live today in Marshfield, Wisconsin. From his childhood in the country sprung a love of nature, art, and “working wood.” During the years that he and Jane raised their five children, LeRoy supplemented the family income by designing and building wooden furniture.

For the past 17 years, Bayerl has focused on the creation of hollow wooden vessels that have earned national acceptance through juried exhibitions from coast to coast. He is self-taught and thus his style, though consistently appreciated and recognized, continues to evolve.

“I start with the finest timbers available. Each vessel is hand-turned on a lathe the first time while still green – and then turned again to its final dimension after drying. I give each piece its unique character by texturing, carving, or dying – then finish it with oil, wax, lacquer or urethane.”

When viewing LeRoy’s work, it becomes obvious his imagination never rests. Each piece, with its subtle beauty and individual qualities, presents itself in such a way that art lovers often feel called to a specific vessel.


My intent is to create exquisitely crafted vessels of wood that awaken the imagination and evoke the sort of passion that enhances our everyday lives. I hope you will take a moment to enjoy my work and allow your imagination to take you on holiday, no matter how brief.